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本文摘要:八年级下册 Unit 1Whats the matter? 怎么了I have a sore back. 我背疼。I have a cold. 我伤风了。 I have a stomachache. 我胃痛。She has a very sore throat now. 她现在嗓子很痛。Maybe you have a fever. 也许你发烧了。


八年级下册 Unit 1What's the matter? 怎么了I have a sore back. 我背疼。I have a cold. 我伤风了。

I have a stomachache. 我胃痛。She has a very sore throat now. 她现在嗓子很痛。Maybe you have a fever. 也许你发烧了。I think I sat in the same way for too long without moving. 我想我坐得太久了不能动了。

I think you should lie down and rest. 我想你应该躺下休息。I have a cough and a sore throat. 我咳嗽喉咙痛。You should see a dentist and get an X-ray. 你应该去看牙医,照张X光片。I should take your temperature. 我应该量一下你的体温。

I have a headache. 我头痛。I have a fever. 我发烧了。You need to take breaks away from the computer. 你需要远离电脑休息一下。If your head and neck still hurt tomorrow, then go to a doctor. 如果你的头和脖子明天还痛,那就去看医生。

Bus driver and passengers save an old man. 公共汽车司机和搭客救了一位老人。He got off and asked the woman what happened. 他下车问谁人女人发生了什么事。But to his surprise, they all agreed to go with him. 但令他受惊的是,他们都同意和他一起去。

Some passengers helped Mr.Wang to move the man onto the bus. 一些搭客资助王先生把那人抬上车。It's sad that many people don't want to help others because they don't want any trouble.很遗憾,许多人不想资助别人,因为他们不想惹贫苦。Bus No.26 hit an old man on Zhonghua Road. 26路公共汽车在中华路撞到一位老人。

The old man had a heart problem and needed to go to the hospital right away. 老人有心脏病,需要马上去医院。Do you agree that people often do not help others because they do not want to get into trouble? 你同意人们经常不资助别人是因为他们不想惹贫苦吗?But the driver didn't think about himself. 但司机没有想到自己。

Put a bandage on it. 用绷带包扎一下。He was running under the hot sun and then he felt sick and fell down. 他在烈日下跑步,然后感应恶心,摔倒了。

He cut his knee. 他割伤了膝盖。One girl had a nosebleed. 一个女孩流了鼻血。As a mountain climber, Aron is used to taking risks. 作为一个爬山者,阿龙习惯于冒险。

There were many times when Aron almost lost his life because of accidents. 有许多次阿龙因为意外事故差点丧命。On April 26,2003, he found himself in a very dangerous situation when climbing in Utah.2003年4月26日,他在犹他州攀岩时发现自己处境很是危险。

On that day, Aron's arm was caught under a 360-kilo rock that fell on him when he was climbing by himself. 那天,阿龙的手臂被一块360公斤重的石头夹住,那块石头是他独自攀爬时落在他身上的。But when his water ran out, he knew that he would have to do something to save his own life. 但当他的水用完时,他知道他必须做些什么来挽救自己的生命。

So he used his knife to cut off half his right arm. 所以他用刀割下了他的半条右臂。He bandaged himself so that he would not lose too much blood. 他用绷带包扎自己,以免失血过多。

This means being in a difficult situation that you cannot seem to get out of. 这意味着处于一个你似乎无法挣脱的逆境中。In this book, Aron tells of the importance of making good decisions, and of being in control of one's life. 在这本书中,阿伦讲述了做出正确决议和掌控自己生活的重要性。Do we have the same spirit as Aron? 我们有和阿伦一样的精神吗?let's think about it before we find ourselves "between a rock and a hard place",and before we have to make a decision that could mean life or death. 在我们发现自己处于“岩石和坚硬的地方”,必须做出可能意味着生死的决议之前,让我们思量一下它。

Rron did not give up after the accident and keeps on climbing mountains today. 事故发生后,罗恩没有放弃,今天继续爬山。I don't fell well, nurse. 我感受不太好,护士。

八年级下册 Unit 2I'll help to clean up the city parks. 我会资助清理都会公园。The girl could visit the sick kids in the hospital to cheer them up. 这个女孩可以去医院探望生病的孩子,让他们兴奋起来。The boy could give out food at the food bank. 这个男孩可以在食物银行分发食物。

The girl could volunteer in an after-school study program to teach kids. 这个女孩可以自愿到场一个课外学习项目来教孩子们。We need to come up with a plan to tell people about the city park clean-up. 我们需要想出一个计划,告诉人们有关都会公园清理的情况。We can't put off making a plan. 我们不能推迟制定计划。

We could put up signs. 我们可以张贴口号。Let's make some notices, too. 我们也要注意一下。Then I'll hand them out after school. 那我放学后再分发。We could each call up 10 students and ask them to come. 我们可以每人给10个学生打电话,让他们来。

They told me stories about the past and how things used to be. 他们给我讲了已往和已往的故事。Yeah, a lot of old people are lonely. 是啊,许多老人都很孤苦。We should listen to them and care for them. 我们应该倾听并体贴他们。

Mario Green and Mary Brown from Riverside High School give up several hours each week to help others. 河滨中学的马里奥·格林和玛丽·布朗每周放弃几个小时资助别人。I get such a strong feeling of satisfaction when I see the animals get better and the look of joy on their owners' faces. 当我看到动物们变得越来越好,看到它们主人脸上露出喜悦的心情时,我有一种强烈的满足感。Last year, She decided to try out for a volunteer after-school reading program. 去年,她决议到场一个课外阅读志愿者项目。

The kids are sitting in the library, but you can see in their eyes that they're going on a different journey with each new book. 孩子们正坐在图书馆里,但你可以从他们的眼睛里看到,他们带着每一本新书走上了差别的旅程。We can make plans to help sick children in the hospital or raise money for homeless people.我们可以制定计划资助医院里生病的孩子,或者为无家可归的人筹款。

I want to travel alone. 我想独自旅行。I repaired it up. 我把它修好了。I fixed it up. 我把它修好了。

I gave away my bike to a children's home. 我把自行车给了一个儿童之家。Jimmy takes after his mother. 吉米像他妈妈。

Jimmy fixes up broken bicycle parts, like wheels. 吉米修理自行车的坏零件,像轮子。Who wrote the letter to Miss Li? 是谁给李小姐写的信?I'm sure you know that this group was set up to help disabled people like me. 我相信你知道这个组织是为了资助像我这样的残疾人而建立的。

Lucky makes a big difference to my life. 幸运对我的生活有很大的影响。What would it be like to be blind or deaf? 失明或失聪是什么感受?Or imagine you can't walk or use your hands easily. 或者想象你不能轻易地走路或用手。Most people would never think about this, but many people have these difficulties. 大多数人都不会想到这一点,但许多人都有这些难题。I can't use my arms or legs well, so normal things like answering the telephone, opening and closing doors, or carrying things are difficult for me. 我不能很好地使用我的胳膊或腿,所以像接电话,开关门,或携带工具等正常的事情对我来说都很难题。

She talked to Animal Helpers about getting me a special trained dog. 她和动物助手谈过给我买一只受过特殊训练的狗。I love animals and I was excited about the idea of having a dog. 我喜欢动物,我对养狗的想法很兴奋。

After six months of training with a dog at Animal Helpers, I was able to bring him home. 在一只狗的资助下训练了6个月后,我终于把它带回家了。You see, I'm only able to have a "dog helper"because of your kindness! 你看,我只能有一个“狗辅佐”因为你的美意!Lucky is very clever and understands many English words. 幸运是很是智慧的和并能明白许多英语单词。Thank you again for changing my life. 再次谢谢你改变了我的生活。

What are you interests and hobbies? 你有什么兴趣和喜好?Dear sir or Madam 尊敬的先生或女士八年级下册 Unit 3Peter, could you please take out the rubbish? 彼得,你能把垃圾拿出来吗?Peter, could you please fold the clothes? 彼得,你能把衣服叠起来吗?Could you please sweep the floor? 你能扫地吗?And she won't be happen if she sees this mess. 如果她看到这一团糟就会不兴奋。I threw down my dag and went to the living room. 我扔下我的包,去了客厅。You watch TV all the time and never help out around the house! 你总是看电视,从不在家里帮助!She did not do any housework and neither did I. 她没有做任何家务,我也没有。I Could not find a clean dish or a clean shirt. 我找不到洁净的盘子或洁净的衬衫。

My mom came over as soon as I sat down in front of the TV. 我一坐在电视机前妈妈就过来了。Could you please pass me the salt? 请把盐递给我好吗?Could you borrow that book? 你能借那本书吗?Could you lend me some money? 你能借我点钱吗?No, I can't.I cut my finger and I'm trying not to get it wet. 不,我不能。我割破了手指,我只管不弄湿。Well, I hate some chores too, but I like other chores. 嗯,我也讨厌一些家务,但我喜欢其他家务。

Sure, I'll finish my homework while you help me with the dishes. 固然,你帮我洗碗的时候我会完成作业的。I need to buy some drinks and snacks. 我需要买些饮料和零食。Kids these days already have enough stress from school. 现在从学校孩子已经有大的压力。

Housework is a waste of their time. 做家务是浪费他们的时间。They should spend their time on schoolwork in order to get good grades and get into a good university. 他们应该把时间花在作业上,以便取得好结果,考上好大学。

It is parents's job to provide a clean and comfortable environment at home for their children. 为孩子提供一个洁净舒适的家庭情况是怙恃的职责。And anyway, I think doing chores is not so difficult. 不管怎样,我以为做家务并不是那么难。Children these days depend on their parents too much. 现在的孩子太依赖怙恃了。

Doing chores helps to develop children's independence and teaches them how to look after themselves. 做家务有助于造就孩子的独立性,并教会他们如何照顾自己。It also helps them to understand the idea of fairness. 这也有助于他们明白公正的理念。

Since they live in one house with their parents, they should know that everyone should do their part in keeping it clean and tidy. 因为他们和怙恃住在一所屋子里,他们应该知道每小我私家都应该尽自己的努力保持屋子的洁净整洁。Our neighbors' son got into a good college but during his first year, he had no idea how to take care of himself. 我们邻人的儿子上了一所好大学,但在第一年,他不知道如何照顾自己。As a result, he often fell ill and his grades dropped. 效果,他经常生病,结果下降。

The earlier kids learn to be independent, the better it is for their future. 孩子越早学会独立,对他们的未来就越好。八年级下册 Unit 4My parents don't allow me to hang out with my friends. 我怙恃不允许我和朋侪出去玩。What's wrong? 发生了什么?I'm really tired because I studied until midnight last night. 我真的很累,因为我昨晚一直学习到午夜。

I found my sister looking through my things yesterday. 昨天我发现我妹妹在看我的工具。Well, I guess you could tell her to say sorry. 好吧,我想你可以告诉她说对不起。Although She's wrong, it's not a big deal. 虽然她错了,但没什么大不了的。Hope things work out. 希望一切顺利。

My problem is that I can't get on with my family. 我的问题是我不能和家人相处。Relations between my parents have become difficult. 我怙恃之间的关系变得难题了。It's the only communication they have. 这是他们唯一的交流方式。When they argue, It's like a big, black cloud hanging over our home. 当他们争吵的时候,就像一朵乌云笼罩着我们的家。

Also, my elder brother is not very nice to me. 而且,我哥哥对我也不是很好。Instead he watches whatever he wants until late at night. 相反,他想看什么就看什么,直到深夜。

I always feel lonely and nervous. 我总是感应孤苦和紧张。If your parents are having problems, you should offer to help. 如果你怙恃有问题,你应该主动帮助。

Maybe you could do more jobs around the house so that they have more time for proper communication. 也许你可以在家里做更多的事情,这样他们就有更多的时间举行适当的交流。Secondly, why don't you sit down and communicate with your brother? 其次,你为什么不坐下来和你哥哥交流呢?You should explain that you don't mind him watching TV all the time. 你告诉他你不介意他一直看电视。 Although he's your best friend, you should still tell him that coping other's homework is wrong.只管他是你最好的朋侪,你还是应该告诉他,抄袭别人的作业是错误的。

My cousin borrows my things without returning them. 我表哥借我的工具不还。Your best friend does not trust you anymore. 你最好的朋侪不再信任你了。Talk to parents or other family members. 与怙恃或其他家庭成员攀谈。

My parents give me a lot of pressure about school. 我怙恃给我很大的上学压力。I have to compete with my classmates at school. 我必须在学校和我的同学竞争。Who gives their opinions about the problem? 谁对这个问题揭晓意见?Many of them are learning exam skills so that they can get into a good high school and later a good university.他们中的许多人正在学习考试技巧,以便能够进入一所好的高中,然后进入一所好的大学。The Taylors are a typical American family. 泰勒一家是典型的美国家庭。

I take one of my boys to basketball practice and my daughter to football training.我带我的一个儿子去篮球训练,我的女儿去足球训练。Maybe I could cut out a few of their activities, but I believe these activities are important for my children's future.也许我可以取消他们的一些运动,但我相信这些运动对我孩子的未来很重要。They have a quick dinner, and then it's time for homework.他们吃了一顿快餐,然后是做作业的时候了。

In some families, competition starts very young and continues until the kids get older. 在一些家庭里,竞争从很小的时候就开始了,一直连续到孩子们长大。And they are always comparing them with other children.他们总是把他们和其他孩子比力。

It's crazy. 太疯狂了。People shouldn't push their kids so hard. 人们不应该把孩子逼得这么凶。Doctors says too much pressure is not good for a child's development. 医生说压力太大对孩子的发育倒霉。

Dr.Alice Green says all these activities can cause a lot of stress for children. 艾丽斯·格林博士说,所有这些运动都市给孩子们带来很大的压力。八年级下册 Unit 5What were you doing when the rainstorm came? 狂风雨来的时候你在干什么?My alarm didn't go off so I woke up late. 我的闹钟没有响,所以我醒得很晚。It began to rain heavily. 开始下大雨了。When the rainstorm suddenly came, What were you doing? 当狂风雨突然来暂时,你在做什么?I called at seven and you didn't pick up. 我七点打电话给你,你没接。

That's strange. 真奇怪。The Storm Brought People Closer Together. 狂风雨把人们拉近了距离。

Ben could hear strong winds outside his home in Alabama. 本在阿拉巴马州的家外面能听到强风。With no light outside, it felt like midnight. 外面没有灯光,感受像是午夜。The news on TV reported that a heavy rainstorm was in the area. 电视上的新闻报道说该地域有一场暴雨。

Ben's dad was putting pieces of wood over the windows while his mom was making sure the flashlights and radio were working. 本的爸爸在窗户上放木片,而他妈妈正在确认手电筒和收音机是否正常事情。She also put some candles and matches on the table. 她还在桌子上放了一些蜡烛和洋火。Ben was helping his mom making dinner when the rain began to beat heavily against the windows. 本正在帮他妈妈做晚饭,这时雨开始猛烈地打在窗户上。

He finally fell asleep when the wind was dying down at around 3: a.m. 破晓3点左右,风徐徐削弱,他终于睡着了。When he woke up, the sun was rising. 他醒来时,太阳正在升起。

Fallen trees, broken windows and rubbish were everywhere. 倒下的树木、破碎的窗户和垃圾随处可见。Although the storm broke many things apart, it brought families and neighbors closer together. 虽然风暴把许多工具都离开了,但它使家庭和邻人更亲密了。My brother and I went out right away to have a look. 我哥哥和我马上出去看看。

The roads were icy because of the heavy snow from the night before. 由于前天晚上下了大雪,门路结冰了。You're kidding! 你在开顽笑!When I got to the bus stop, I realized that my bag was still at home. 当我到达公共汽车站时,我意识到我的包还在家里。

Well,I left my house late and when the competition started,I was still making my way to school.嗯,我离家晚了,角逐开始时,我还在上学。What are the tow events in the passage? 文章中的两个事件是什么?Robert Allen is now over 50, but he was a school pupil at that time. 罗伯特·艾伦现在50多岁了,但那时他还是个小学生。My parents were completely shocked. 我怙恃完全震惊了。

My parents did not talk after that, and we finished the rest of our dinner in silence. 我怙恃在那之后没有说话,剩下的晚餐我们都默默地吃完了。More recently, most Americans remember what they were doing when the World Trade Center in New York was taken down by terrorists. 最近,大多数美国人还记得他们在纽约世贸中心被恐怖分子摧毁时的所作所为。Even the date ---September 11 2001--has meaning to most Americans. 纵然是2001年9月11日,对大多数美国人来说也有意义。She remembers working in her office near the tow towers. 她记得她在塔楼四周的办公室事情。

I didn't believe him first, but then I looked out the window and realized that is was true. 我起初不相信他,但厥后我向窗外望去,发现那是真的。Kate didn't think her friend was telling the truth about the event. 凯特不认为她的朋侪说的是事实。八年级下册 Unit 6Hou Yi shoots the suns. 后羿射日。Where would they put all the earth and stone from the mountains? 他们要把山上的土壤和石头都放在那里呢?He told Yu Gong he could never do it because he was old and weak. 他告诉愚公他永远做不到,因为他又老又弱。

Finally, a god was so move by Yu Gong that he sent tow gods to take the mountains away. 最后,一位神灵被愚公感动,派了两位神灵把山带走。This story reminds us that you can never know what's possible unless you try to make it happen. 这个故事提醒我们,除非你努力去实现,否则你永远不行能知道什么是可能的。I think it's a little bit silly. 我以为有点傻。

But what could Yu Gong do instead of moving the mountains? 可是愚公除了移山还能做什么呢?This is because he can make 72 changes to his shape and size. 这是因为他可以改变72个形状和巨细。But unless he can hide his tail, he cannot turn himself into a person. 但除非他能隐藏自己的尾巴,否则他不能把自己酿成一小我私家。

To fight bad people, the Monkey King uses a magic stick. 为了敷衍坏人,孙悟空用了一根魔杖。The Monkey King has excited the children of China for many years. 多年来,孙悟空一直让中国的孩子们兴奋不已。

Western children became interested in reading this story because the clever Monkey King keeps fighting to help the weak and never gives up. 西方的孩子们之所以对这个故事感兴趣,是因为智慧的孙悟空一直在努力资助弱者,从不放弃。Once upon a time there was a very old man. 从前有一个很是老的人。

As soon as her father died, the stepsisters made her do all the chores. 她父亲一死,继女们就让她做所有的家务。As soon as the prince saw her, he fell in love with her. 王子一见到她,就爱上了她。

The prince knew that unless the girl's foot could fit the shoe, it was not the right girl. 王子知道,除非女孩的脚能穿得下这只鞋,否则就不是合适的女孩。The new couple were so happy that they couldn't stop smiling when they got married. 这对新婚匹俦很是兴奋,他们完婚时总是笑个不停。But the emperor had to give them silk and gold. 可是天子不得不给他们丝绸和黄金。

When the emperor looked at himself, he only saw his underwear. 天子看自己的时候,只看到了他的内裤。Nobody wanted to sound stupid, so everyone said his new clothes were wonderful. 没人想听上去很蠢,所以大家都说他的新衣服很棒。They were trying to cheat the emperor. 他们想欺骗天子。Hansel and Gretel lived near a forest with their father and stepmother. 汉瑟和格雷特和他们的父亲和继母住在森林四周。

The wife told her husband that unless he left the children to die in the forest, the whole family would die. 妻子告诉丈夫,除非他把孩子留在森林里死去,否则全家都市死。Scene one 第一幕I'm going outside to get something in the moonlight. 我要出去在月光下找点工具。Tonight, when the moon is shining bright, we'll be able to see the stones. 今晚,当月亮明亮的时候,我们可以看到石头。

I cant't see any bread on the ground. 我看不到地上有面包。It's leading us to that wonderful house made of bread. 它把我们带到那间用面包做得漂亮屋子。

Then they hear an old woman's voice from inside the house. 然后他们听到一个老太婆的声音从屋里传来。Who is brave enough to eat my house? 谁敢吃我的屋子?八年级下册 Unit 7Qomolangma is about 9,600,000 square kilometers in size. 珠穆朗玛峰的面积约为9600000平方公里。

The Sahara is 1,025 meters deep. 撒哈拉沙漠有1025米深。The Sahara is the biggest desert in the world. 撒哈拉沙漠是世界上最大的沙漠。China has the biggest population in the world. 中国是世界上人口最多的国家。

China is almost as big as the US, and it is the biggest country in Asia. 中国险些和美国一样大,是亚洲最大的国家。Feel free to ask me anything on today's Great Wall tour. 在今天的长城之旅中,你可以问我任何问题。tourist1: 旅游者1:How long is the wall? 这堵墙有多长?Wow, that's amazing! 哇,太棒了!Why did the ancient emperors build the wall? 古代帝王为什么要筑墙?The main reason was to protect their part of the country. 主要原因是为了掩护他们国家的一部门。

As you can see, it's quite tall and wide. 如你所见,它又高又宽。As far as I know, there are no man-made objects as big as this. 据我所知,没有比这更大的人造物体了。

achievements of climbers 爬山者的成就The Himalayas run along the southwestern part of China. 喜马拉雅山脉位于中国西南部。Thick clouds cover the top and snow can fall very hard. 厚厚的云层笼罩着山顶,雪会下得很大。Even more serious difficulties include freezing weather conditions and heavy storms. 更严重的难题包罗冰冻的天气条件和强风暴。

It is also very hard to take in air as you get near the top. 当你靠近山顶时,也很难吸入空气。The first Chinese team did so in 1960, while the first woman to succeed was Junko Tabei from Japan in 1975. 1960年,第一支中国队这样做了,而第一位乐成的女性是1975年来自日本的田北俊子。

One of the main reasons is because people want to challenge themselves in the face of difficulties. 其中一个主要原因是人们想在难题眼前挑战自己。The spirit of these climbers shows us that we should never give up trying to achieve our dreams. 这些爬山者的精神告诉我们,我们不应该放弃努力实现梦想的。It also shows that humans can sometimes be stronger than the forces of nature. 它还讲明,人类有时可以比大自然的气力更强大。

Why do so many people try to climb this mountain even though it is dangerous? 为什么这么多人试图爬这座山,只管它很危险?No ocean in the world is as big as the Pacific Ocean. 世界上没有一个海洋比太平洋大。At birth, it's only around 15 cm long, but an adult panda is around 150 cm long. 出生时,它只有15厘米长,但成年熊猫约莫150厘米长。This elephant weighs many times more than this panda. 这只大象比这只熊猫重许多倍。

At birth, it's only around 15 cm long,but an adult panda is around 150 cm long. 出生时,它只有15厘米长,但成年大熊猫约莫有150厘米长。At birth, it's only around 15 cm long,but an adult panda is around 150 cm long. 出生时,它只有15厘米长,但成年大熊猫约莫有151厘米长。They can live up to 20 to 30 years. 它们可以活到20到30年。

An adult panda weighs many times more than a baby panda. 一只成年熊猫的体重是一只小熊猫的许多倍。The Chinese government is also planting more bamboo trees so there will be more forests for pandas to live in. 中国政府也在种植更多的竹子,以便有更多的森林供大熊猫居住。An education program in Chengdu teaches children in cities about pandas and other endangered animals. 成都的一个教育项目向都会里的孩子们教授熊猫和其他濒危动物的知识。It is 8:30 a.m.at the Chengdu Research Base. 现在是上午8:30,在成都研究基地。

Lin Wei and the other panda keepers are preparing the milk for the baby pandas' breakfast.林伟和其他熊猫饲养员正在为熊猫宝宝的早餐准备牛奶。At 9:00 a.m, they find that most of the babies are already awake and hungry. 早上9点,他们发现大多数婴儿已经醒了,饿了。

When the babies see the keepers, they run over with excitement and some of then even walk into their friends and fall over! 当孩子们看到饲养员时,他们兴奋地跑已往,其中一些甚至走进他们的朋侪身边摔倒了!The babies often die from illnesses and do not live very long. 这些婴儿经常因病死亡,寿命不长。Scientists say there are now fewer than 2000 pandas living in the remaining forests. 科学家说,现在仅存的森林里生在世不到2000只大熊猫。Another 200 or so live in zoos or research centers in China and other countries. 尚有200多人生活在中国和其他国家的动物园或研究中心。

The children sing songs or make artwork about pandas and other wild animals. 孩子们唱歌或制作有关熊猫和其他野生动物的艺术品。Humans catch whales for meat, fat and oil. 人类捕鲸是为了获取肉、脂肪和油。Rules on whale protection 鲸鱼掩护规则八年级下册 Unit 8Have you read Treasure Island? 你读过金银岛吗?Oliver Twist is about a boy who goes out to sea and finds an island full of treasures. 《雾都孤儿》讲述的是一个男孩出海发现了一个充满宝藏的小岛。

Robinson Crusoe is a classic. 《鲁滨逊漂流记》是一部经典之作。I'm only on page 25. 我只看到25页。You should hurry up. 你应该快点。The book report is due in tow weeks. 书报两周后交。

But I've found the ship and made a small boat. 但我找到了船,造了一条小船。I've brought back many things I can use--food and drink, tools, knives and guns. 我带回了许多我能用的工具——食物和饮料,工具,刀枪。A few weeks ago, I found the marks of another man's feet on the sand. 几周前,我在沙滩上发现了另一小我私家的脚印。

Not long after that, I saw some cannibals trying to kill two men from a broken ship. 不久之后,我看到一些食人族试图从一艘破船上杀死两小我私家。One of them died but the other ran towards my house. 其中一个死了,另一个跑向我屋子。Her favorite kind of books is science fiction. 她最喜欢的书是科幻小说。

She is interested in science and technology. 她对科学技术感兴趣。She finished reading a book about robots last week and will write a book report about it next week for her a French class. 上周她读完了一本关于机械人的书,下周她将为法语课写一篇关于机械人的念书陈诉。

I guess what they' playing is pop music, right? 我猜他们演奏的是盛行音乐,对吧?Yes, but it sounds more like rock. 是的,但听起来更像摇滚乐。There are five people in the band and they's all teenage boys. 乐队里有五小我私家,他们都是十几岁的男孩。A country music song changed her life forever. 一首乡村音乐歌曲永远改变了她的生活。

While she was studying abroad in England, she heard song full of feelings about returning home on the radio. 在英国留学期间,她在收音机里听到了一首充满回国情怀的歌曲。She came to realize how much she actually missed all of them. 她开始意识到她是何等想念他们。Ever since then, she has been a fan American country music. 从那以后,她一直是美国乡村音乐的粉丝。Country is a traditional kind of music from the southern states of American. 乡村音乐是美国南部各州的一种传统音乐。

Many songs these days are just about modern life in the US, such as the importance of money and success, but not about belong to a group. 现在许多歌曲都是关于美国的现代生活,好比款项和乐成的重要性,而不是关于属于一个群体。However, country music brings us back to the "good old days" when people were kind to each other and trusted one another. 然而,乡村音乐使我们回到了人们相互友好、相互信任的“优美往日”。It reminds us that the best things in life are free-- laughter, friends, family, and the beauty of nature and the countryside. 它提醒我们,生活中最优美的工具是自由的——笑声、朋侪、家人,另有大自然和乡村的漂亮。He's sold more than 120 million records. 他卖出了凌驾1.2亿张唱片。

He's sold more than 121 million records. 他卖出了凌驾1.21亿张唱片。Have you introduced this singer to others? 你把这位歌手先容给别人了吗?the first line in the song 歌曲的第一行八年级下册 Unit 9Linda has been to the amusement park. 琳达去过游乐园。

Let's go somewhere different today. 我们今天去此外地方吧。I love all the old movie cameras there. 我喜欢那里所有的老摄影机。

I learned about the inventions that led to color movies, too. 我也学到了导致彩色影戏的发现。They have information about different computers and who invented them. 他们有关于差别盘算机的信息,以及谁发现了这些盘算机。It's unbelievable that technology has progressed in such a rapid way! 令人难以置信的是,科技进步如此之快!It's unbelievable that technology has progressed in such a rapid way! 令人难以置信的是,科技进步如此之快!I've recently been to a very unusual museum in India, the International Museum of Toilets. 我最近去过印度一个很是不寻常的博物馆,国际茅厕博物馆。

It also encourages governments and social groups to think about ways to improve toilets in the future. 它还勉励政府和社会团体思量以后改善茅厕的方法。It's a relaxing and peaceful place near a lake. 这是一个靠近湖边的放松和平静的地方。The tea art performances show how to make a perfect cup of tea with beautiful tea sets. 茶艺演出展示了如何用漂亮的茶具泡出一杯完美的茶。

Watching the tea preparation is just as enjoyable as drinking the tea itself. 看茶具的准备和品茗一样令人愉快。I've finally realized why my grandpa loves drinking tea and collecting tea sets. 我终于明确我爷爷为什么喜欢品茗和收集茶具。I've been there a couple of times, but I'm happy to go again. 我去过那里频频,但我很兴奋再去一次。

There are some special German paintings there right now. 那里现在有一些特此外德国画。Disneyland is an amusement part with a special theme--Disneyland characters and movies. 迪斯尼乐园是一个以迪斯尼人物和影戏为主题的娱乐场所。This is a boat ride with a Disney theme. 这是一次以迪斯尼为主题的搭船旅行。

Have you ever been to another province in China? 你去过中国的另一个省吗?For thousands of tourists from China, this small island in Southeast Asia is a wonderful and safe place to take a holiday. 对于成千上万来自中国的游客来说,这个位于东南亚的小岛是一个美妙而宁静的度假胜地。On the one hand, more than three quarters of the population are Chinese, so you can simply speak Putonghua a lot of the time.On the other hand, Singapore is an English-speaking country, so it's also a good place to practice your English! 一方面,凌驾四分之三的人口是中国人,所以你可以简朴地说普通话许多时间。另一方面,新加坡是一个讲英语的国家,所以也是训练英语的好地方!Maybe you fear that you won't be able to find anything good to eat when you travel. 也许你担忧旅行时找不到好吃的。Whether you like Indian food, Western food or Japanese food, you'll find it all in Singapore. 不管你喜欢印度菜、西餐还是日本菜,你都市在新加坡找到。

If you go to see lions, tigers or foxes during the daytime, they'll probably be asleep! 如果你白昼去看狮子、老虎或狐狸,它们可能会睡着!One great thing about Singapore is that the temperature is almost the same all year round. 新加坡的一大特点是全年气温险些相同。This is because the island is so close to the equator. 这是因为这个岛离赤道太近了。

So you can choose to go whenever you like-- spring, summer, autumn or winter! 所以你可以选择去任何你喜欢的地方--春天,夏天,秋天或者冬天!Mostly Chinese and English. 主要是中文和英文。Size and location: 巨细和位置:八年级下册 Unit 10Jeff's family is having a yard sale. 杰夫的家人正在举行庭院拍卖。Amy wants to keep her old things because they bring back sweet memories.艾米想保留她的旧工具,因为它们能带来甜蜜的回忆。

You can have it for 75 cents. 你可以花75美分买它。Amy, can we give away these soft toys? 艾米,我们能把这些软玩具送人吗?I want to keep the bear because I've had it since I was a baby. 我想养这只熊,因为我从小就有了它。One last thing is a bread maker. 最后一件事是做面包的。

But I want to keep the hat and scarf for ice skating. 但我想留着溜冰用的帽子和围巾。And check out these soft toys and board games for younger kids. 看看这些给小孩子的软玩具和棋盘游戏。

My daughter is 16 and my boy is already in junior high school. 我女儿16岁,我儿子已经上初中了。My daughter is 17 and my boy is already in junior high school. 我女儿17岁,我儿子已经上初中了。We have already cleared out a lot of things from our bedrooms. 我们已经清理了卧室里的许多工具。

We have decided to each sell five things that we no longer use.我们决议每人出售五件不再使用的工具。For example, he has owned a train and railway set since his fourth birthday, and he played with it almost every week until he was about seven. 例如,他从四岁生日起就拥有一辆火车和一套火车,他险些每周都玩火车,直到7岁左右。My daughter was more understanding , although she also felt sad to part with certain toys. 我女儿越发明白我,只管她也对某些玩具感应惆怅。

As for me, I did not want to give up my football shirts, but, to be honest, I have not played for a while now.至于我,我不想放弃我的足球衫,可是,说实话,我已经有一段时间没踢过球了。Some people still live in their hometown. 有些人仍然住在他们的家乡。

Nowadays, millions of Chinese leave the countryside to search for work in the cities. 如今,数以百万计的中国人脱离农村到都会找事情。Among these is Zhong Wei, a-46-year-old husband and father. 其中有46岁的丈夫兼父亲钟伟。With a hard job in a crayon factory, he doesn't find much time to visit his hometown.由于在蜡笔厂事情很辛苦,他没有几多时间去家乡。

It's a shame, but I just don't have the time. 很遗憾,但我只是没有时间。Many people like Zhong Wei regard with great interest how their hometowns have changed.许多像钟伟这样的人很是体贴他们家乡的变化。Children have learned to read and count at my old primary school since the mid-20th century.从20世纪中叶开始,孩子们就在我原来的小学里学习阅读和数数。

According to Zhong Wei, however, some things will never change.不外,钟伟认为,有些事情永远不会改变。In my hometown, there was a big old tree opposite the school. 在我的家乡,学校劈面有一个很大的树。

Most of the children in my time liked to play together under that big tree, especially during the summer holidays. 我谁人时代的大多数孩子都喜欢在那棵大树下一起玩,尤其是在暑假。It was such a happy childhood. 那是一个快乐的童年。

Zhong Wei hasn't been back in close to three years. 钟伟已经快三年没回去了。His hometown is still the place that holds all his childhood memories. 他的家乡仍然是生存他所有童年影象的地方。



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